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Why Safety Training is Important

Construction Worker Dies After Falling Down Shaft in Florida

According to Miami news stations, a construction worker died after falling down an elevator shaft while working on a building in Hallandale Beach, Florida. According to the news reports, the worker was working inside a large building being constructed in the vicinity of Southeast Third Avenue in Hallandale Beach on Friday, May 3, 2019, when he fell down the elevator shaft. This is why ATS teaches safety training.

According to the authorities who responded to the accident scene, the construction worker was helping build an addition for the building when he fell to his death. Police reports indicate that the fall was at least 10 stories. Hallandale Beach Fire and Rescue got help from the Broward County Sheriff’s Fire Rescue in recovering the body of the construction worker.

Crane Collapse in Seattle

On April 27, 2019, a construction crane that had been working on an office building for Google in Seattle, Washington, collapsed onto Mercer Street below. Four people were killed, and four others were injured. Many experts believe that the pins or bolts were prematurely loosened or removed from the crane and that made the crane’s vertical mast more vulnerable to the wind pressure that day, allowing the crane to topple. Many experts say the crane collapse was because of human error during the disassembling process.

In this case, it is believed that the workers prematurely removed the pins that secured sections of the mast to one another, and that caused the crane to topple. While sometimes workers remove the pins prematurely, that practice doesn’t coincide with the instructions of the manufacturer for the crane disassembly process. There is an investigation into the incident, and five companies that played a role in the construction project are being reviewed.

The Importance of Safety at Construction Sites

Construction workers must adhere to safety training guidelines when working on construction sites. Many workers are injured on the job every year, and often, these injuries can be avoided when the proper safety gear is used, and the proper protocol are followed.

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