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Short List. What Does A Rigger Do?

When you see a huge crane safely performing a tricky job, one of the people responsible for that job’s success is the rigger. Here’s a short list of what the rigger does:

  • has been OSHA certified or qualified according to the job needed
  • figures out the weight and center of gravity of the load
  • chooses the proper sling and makes sure it is in good shape
  • checks fittings, clips and other hardware for adequacy
  • keeps track of the distance from any possible overhead hazards, like power lines
  • understands the weather conditions and when to call the job off for unsafe conditions
  • acts as outside eyes and ears for the crane operator

Riggers and signalpersons are essential people on the job site. Their training and qualifications need to be top-notch, and their responsibility to do their job needs to be taken very seriously. Each thing on this short list of what a rigger does is an important thing, one that can make the difference between a good day at work or a trip to the emergency room, or worse. Even if nobody gets hurt, a slipped load means complications for getting the job done by deadline.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is one of the best places in the world to get OSHA-compliant rigger/signalperson training. We have over 45 years of experience in training heavy equipment and mobile crane operators and work hard to provide comprehensive safety training for this job, as well. You’ll get expert instruction from the best rigger and signal training instructors in the industry as you prepare for your written and practical certification tests.

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    1. Please send to me some practical and written handouts on rigging for both Tower and mobile crane.

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