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Road Building Is Not Always Smooth Grading

When building roads there are always going to be obstacles for motor graders to negotiate. Bridges, tunnels and man holes – yes man holes. I believe the correct terminology now is ‘personnel access point’. Image yourself as a motor grader operator and slap bang in the middle of the road is a big round hole (and why are they round?).

For the grader operator, it takes some tricky manoeuvring to ensure the road has been graded correctly whilst negotiating around obstacles. This can often take a lot of skill, skill that has been developed over many years as an operator. It is however the kind of challenge that makes the work of motor grader operator interesting and varied.

Grader operators can receive a high level of basic training in a matter of weeks. It can take two or three years experience on the job to hone those skills and learn the intricacies of the job. And just when you thought you knew them all, along will come another problem you haven’t encounter – as I said, the role of a motor grader operator is varied and challenging. Are you up to the challenge?

If so, check out ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools. They have an intensive heavy equipment operator training program that could have you behind the wheel of a motor grader before you know it.

Oh – and why are man holes round – of course, so the lid never falls in – it’s true, that is why they are round. It still doesn’t help a motor grader though; they still have to negotiate around it.

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