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Putting A Bulldozer’s Ripper To Work

Bulldozers are famous for pushing dirt around. They have incredible strength for their size and are capable of pushing tons of dirt in a day. Bulldozers can make use of that strength to pull as well. In today’s video, you’ll see a bulldozer using a twin ripper to break up the ground ready for removal. Bulldozers often work in partnership with a scraper. The bulldozer rips open the ground and the scraper comes through and lifts the loose soil into its hopper to be dumped elsewhere.

In this video, you’ll get a glimpse of a scraper working in the background. Take a closer look at the action towards the end of the video. You’ll get a close look at the ripper in action, and the power of the bulldozer. You’ll see the bulldozer tracks skidding in place as the ripper gets caught, however, once the tracks bite and the bulldozer regains traction, those ripper teeth just carve through the ground.

Bulldozer operators are amongst the busiest heavy equipment operators around today. Bulldozers form the basis of most heavy equipment companies since they really do all the hard preparation work on a building site. You can learn to operate a bulldozer through a heavy equipment training school. At ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools, we include both bulldozers and scrapers in our training – in fact, you’ll learn how to operate a range of machinery, a factor you’ll welcome in the workplace as employers are now looking for multi-skilled heavy equipment operators.

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