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Heavy Equipment Training Through GI Bill And Veterans Assistance

Current and former members of the military can access a range of benefits to help them undertake heavy equipment training for a new career. There are several restrictions on the type of training that can be undertaken. For example, the training organization must be approved to deliver these services.

When you served and for how long you served will also affect the level of benefits available. In some situations, you are also able to transfer benefits to a direct family member. The types of benefits available include:

  • Montgomery GI Bill ® – There are a number of eligibility criteria for this bill and you are better off talking to a VA vocational counselor as to your eligibility.
  • Post 9/11 GI Bill ® – Provides assistance for training and housing. You can transfer some of your entitlements to dependents.
  • VetSuccess Program – Rehabilitation and employment program for veterans with service-connected disabilities
  • Survivors & Dependents Assistance – Provides education or training assistance to spouses and their children following the death of their partner whilst on active service.
  • Active Duty Personnel – May be eligible for the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools are approved for the use of Veterans Educational Benefits. You will need to check with the respective government departments to see whether or not you are eligible for any assistance under these programs. You may also be eligible for state-based military education benefits so check with your state’s web site for more information.

Heavy equipment operations are a perfect opportunity for those who have been in military service. The camaraderie that operators have with each other has been likened to the military as has the need to work with precision. Former service personnel also find that continuing to work outdoors a lot more satisfying than trying to adapt to an inside job. If life as a heavy equipment operator appeals to you, and your have been involved in the military in some capacity, then you may be eligible for assistance to help you with your training.

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  1. How long is the school? What’s the job placement rate on veterans who have finished and graduated from heavy equipment training?

    1. Range from 3 weeks to 19 weeks depending on what you take for training. Placement rate is around 80% but that’s for all graduates. For more details please contact one of our admissions reps @ 800-383-7364. Thank you.

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