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Excavators An Essential During Winter

If you think excavator operators get to put their feet up during winter, then you may want to rethink those thoughts. In some areas, excavators are just as active in winter, and in some situations, could be classified as an essential service. Just to make life more interesting, there are times when they have to work under the most trying conditions.

Consider the location of many of the services running into your home. Underground. When incidents happen, and they do when the weather turns extremely cold, underground pipes can rupture, leading to a loss or reduction to supply of some services and dangerous situations such as gas leaks. With the ground partially frozen, using hand tools can be difficult – dangerous even. This is where excavators come in to their own. They can break through hard ground and dig a trench right down to almost pipe level. This means the hand tools are only required for the last few inches.

Experienced and well-trained operators are obviously in high demand in these circumstances – the last thing you want is a rank amateur trying to do the job. There’s only one way to become an experienced and well-trained excavator operator – that’s by getting the best training possible and then building on that training in the workplace. The industry no longer accepts operators who ‘learned by sitting on dad’s knee’. The industry now insists on formal training that includes safety aspects, maintenance procedures, and plenty of hands on experience.

Excavator training that is highly respected by industry is an essential first step. If your training is not through a recognized body, then most employers won’t even give you a second look. Often, the first thing that employers will ask is “who did you do your training through?” Be sure the answer you give is the one attached to the oldest and most respected heavy equipment training school in the business – ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools.

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