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Crane Safety

One of the more dangerous pieces of equipment on a construction site is a crane. Not only is it a true monstrosity of a machine, but it is also usually carrying a large amount of weight in its basket that can also be hazard to workers. Because of these dangers, crane safety must be a constant, almost second nature, mentality on all work sites. When dealing with a crane and its load accidents can do more than harm workers; they can be deadly.

The first step to proper crane safety is an inspection of the machine prior to starting it. After the inspection, it is essential that the crane is on a level and solid surface prior to use. The crane operator must also ensure that the crane is not near power lines and that the load will not be moved over workers. The load chart must also be followed at all times to ensure crane safety. Lastly, before actually moving the load, the crane operator should lift it a few inches to ensure the crane is balanced. The load can then be lifted and moved to its final destination.

When using a mammoth piece of heavy equipment like a crane, safety must be job one for the operator. Crane safety must be all workers on the site’s first priority, and all workers must be aware of where the crane is at all times. By maintaining crane safety at all times, the work site can work efficiently and accident free.

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