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The Convergence Of Heavy Equipment Technology And Console Games

Heavy equipment technology has come a long way over the last twenty years. Gone are the days of heavy equipment that took brute strength to operate. Now you can almost operate equipment with one finger. What is becoming apparent is that those kids who have had a lot of experience playing console games are finding that learning to operate new heavy equipment quite easy. It’s almost like there is a convergence of the two technologies.

There is sound logic to this. First, there is the obvious. Console games involve the use of small joysticks and steering wheels (and sometimes foot pedals as well) while watching the outcome on screens several feet away. Modern heavy equipment technology is quite similar although there may be more than one joystick to control. The second observation I can make is that related to coordination. Being able to manipulate the console games while watching the game on monitor is fairly similar to the coordination needed to operate heavy equipment.

What students do need to learn is that tactile feel that operating equipment delivers. This is something that game makers have not yet been able to achieve. Being able to feel what your equipment is doing is an important part of heavy equipment operations. However, this is something that comes with experience in the operator’s cab.

For young adults who have had a lot of experience playing console games, a career as a heavy equipment operator is a natural progression. They can put their console gaming experience and coordination to good use learning to become heavy equipment operators. Three weeks hands on heavy equipment training will help to provide those tactile skills that are missing, and prepare them well for a great career as a heavy equipment operator. If you were told your hours playing games where a complete waste of time, prove them wrong and put those skills to good use.

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