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Career Fairs and Finding Employment

Career fairs are a great place to find different job industries in the construction industry. According to, there are more than 117 career fairs nationwide that include construction job openings. There are dozens of different kinds of job opportunities in the construction field. These openings include positions for heavy equipment operators, commercial truck drivers, and crane operators.

If you are a seasoned construction professional or if you are a recent graduate of a training program, you can find opportunities at career fairs. You can introduce yourself to managers in the industry, and you can let them know you are in the market for a career opportunity and your abilities.

Different Construction Opportunities at Career Fairs

There are dozens of opportunities in the construction field. These jobs could involve infrastructure construction and design, the housing industry, building and remodeling commercial facilities and projects in the hospitality industry. There are also job openings in the gas and oil industry, and for trucking companies who transport goods and materials across the country.

If you are looking for a career in the construction industry, or if you are attending a specialized training program where you are learning a specific job in the construction field, you can benefit greatly from attending job fairs. Before going to a job fair, be sure to have all your documents in place. That means take a well-manicured resume with a copy of your high school diploma, and any other certificates or diplomas that you may have.

Getting Training

If you are interested in a career in the construction industry. Associated Training Services (ATS) offers hands-on training for those who are wanting to enter the construction industry. To learn more about ATS, call (800) 383-7364.

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