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Bulldozers Still The Number One Big Boys Toy

When it comes to heavy equipment careers, the number one preference still seems to be bulldozers. The problem with taking a stance on bulldozers is that it limits your career options. Heavy equipment operators are in high demand, however, employers are not just looking for bulldozer operators. In many cases, they are looking for multi-skilled operators – that is, heavy equipment operators who can operate a range of machinery.

A recent look at job vacancies in the heavy equipment field will demonstrate this. Two recent job vacancies advertised for:

operators that have experience with the following equipment:- Tracked Excavator- Finish Dozer Operator- Motor Grader- Rubber Tire Loader,


Operate motor graders, scrapers, front-end loaders, dump trucks and other construction equipment of comparable size and complexity

The second job vacancy was particularly interesting since it also included operators who can drive dump trucks. Employers also often prefer heavy equipment operators who have a CDL and experience moving heavy equipment from site to site. The message here is simple – don’t rely on one piece of heavy equipment, diversify and gain experience on as many different machines as possible.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools, we provide training programs that cover a range of heavy equipment (and CDL/dump truck driver training). By undergoing training across a range of heavy equipment, you will be setting yourself up for a much broader heavy equipment operator career.

Yes, bulldozers are still one of the most commonly used pieces of heavy equipment. And yes, there is always a strong demand for competent operators. However, our recommendation is more practical. Give yourself a range of skills and you’ll always be employable.

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