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Accredited Crane Operator Training Will Help Secure Your Career

Crane operator training has come a long way in the last decade. There are many states now that require all crane operators to be formally trained and certified before they can even be employed. This has been brought about in the main because of the number of workplace accidents involving cranes. As the effects of formal training and certification begin to make a statistical improvement in these accidents, more states will join the push for certification.

If you have been considering a career as a crane operator then your first step has to be to find a training organization that can deliver accredited training. Even if your state doesn’t require certification at present, there is a good chance that in the future they will – will you be caught out unprepared?

One of the benefits of formal crane operator training is that it prepares you for the certification assessments. These involve both a practical and theory component and you need to pass both. This means you could be the very best crane operator in the country, but if you fail the theoretical component you will miss out on certification.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools conduct specialist crane operator training that prepares the students for their certification assessments. In fact, ATS is accredited to conduct these assessments once your training has been completed.

Your crane operator training is divided into three levels and cover both practical and theoretical components. Some of these components include: crane operating safety, rigging, verbal and non-verbal communication, preventative maintenance, and advanced techniques just to name a few.

By undertaking a formal accredited course and gaining your crane operator certification you will ensure you will always have a career as a crane operator. Get trained on the side by a friend or relative and the chances are they will fail to train you to the level required for certification. Crane operator training completed through an accredited training establishment is the only way to go.

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