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Why You Should Take A Closer Look At ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools

If there was one piece of advice that I could offer to anyone contemplating a career as a truck driver, heavy equipment operator, or crane operator, it would be to thoroughly check out their training options. There are a lot of training options available and they range from the totally unplanned training you receive from a friend or relative to the training programs that run for six, or even twelve months. And there are plenty of other options that sit in between.

It’s not so much the length of the training program that matters. We could put together a training program that ran for three months, and like many other training establishments that run longer courses, you will spend most of your time pushing dirt from A to B then back again; or digging a hole, then filling it in again, only to dig the same hole the next day. Practice is important, however, what is most important are the skills and knowledge you learn as they relate to the workplace.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools have developed training programs designed to have graduates work ready on completion. Rather than charging you thousands of dollars for long practice sessions, our three week training program concentrates on the essential skills and knowledge required by both government regulatory authorities, and by employers. After 50 years in the business of training, we have developed strong relationships with both groups, and this has helped us fine tune our training.

Whilst training is the most important factor, it is not the only factor to look at when comparing schools. You should also consider what financial assistance each school offers, what employment assistance is offered, and what post training assistance there is.

If you decide to take a closer look at ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised on all three fronts. We offer financial assistance (including training for those qualified for government funded training programs), we have a well organized employment services department, and we continue to assist graduates where ever we can once they have completed their training. And that training is first class – don’t believe me? Put us to the test – come and take a closer look.

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