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We Can Help You Get Started In A Heavy Equipment Career

Having spent the week reviewing the latest Department of Labor stats on the future of employment in the heavy equipment industry, perhaps it’s time to review how we can help you get started into a great career as a heavy equipment operator.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools have their own job placement assistance service for anyone wanting to start a career in the industry. There are hundreds of employers in the database all wanting to employ trained and competent heavy equipment operators.

Through the database you can locate employers in specific geographical locations throughout the United States. The goal is to assist our graduates in finding employment opportunities.

Each campus has a job placement assistance director. Their role is:

Your campus has a job placement assistance director that you can talk to about job placement. From the very first day the School will emphasize job placement assistance as a cooperative effort where the School and the student work together to achieve a common goal: SUCCESSFUL JOB PLACEMENT.

Our assistance commences during your first week of training and continues until you are successfully places. We also follow up to ensure that everyone is happy with the job placement.

The heavy equipment field is strong and growing and requires freshly trained recruits to add the work pool. You can get your start to a career by contacting ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools.

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