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Vacuum Excavation and HDD

Excavating done with a suction excavator is referred to as vacuum excavation. Suction excavators produce powerful suction through a wide pipe as big as one-foot in diameter. The suction inlet airspeed might be as fast as 220 miles per hour. There may be two handles on the suction nozzle for the operator to hold. Those handles might be a rotatable collar that uncovers suction-release opening that has grilles over them. These are uncovered to release suction and make the suction nozzle drop anything too big to go inside the tube that it has picked up.

Vacuum excavation is using compressed air to disturb the soil, which is then vacuumed up into a debris tank. Air excavation is used to safely expose underground utilities and then allows you to backfill with the dry material. Vacuum excavation is used for various utility projects, such as for underground electric wires and broadband cables as well as sewer and septic lines. Vacuum excavation is a very beneficial approach used in construction today.

Operating A Suction Excavator

To safely and professionally operate a suction excavator, you will need to undergo extensive training. There are training programs where you can learn these skills. These training programs include classroom training as well as hands-on experience. ATS offers specialized training programs for various machinery and equipment as well.

While programs are available for individuals needing training, there are also programs available for employers to train their employees new skills. Employer training grants are available. We offer a field training module for utilities, which gives participants the chance to apply the knowledge that they have obtained during the training.

Salary Expectations for Vacuum Excavation

The average salary for someone who operators a vacuum excavator or who works in hydro excavation is about $74,175 per year. There is a need for additional workers in this career field, so it is a great job to consider when making career decisions. To learn more about vacuum excavation operator training and other specialized training programs available, call ATS at (800) 383-7364 today. ATS has been offering customized training programs since 1959. Become an alumni of this established training school.

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