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Former Truck Drivers – Refresh Your Commercial Drivers License And Come On Back

There is a lot of hidden talent in the US today with many former truck drivers either not working or working at non-driving jobs. Many of those drivers have let their commercial drivers license lapse as well so they have written off ever returning to the industry. Perhaps it’s time for a rethink. Times have changed, we have more trucks on the road now and there are some road rules and regulations that have also been updated or introduced.

If you’re a former truck driver then the bottom line is – your skills and knowledge are in demand. The way to resolve the issue is to undertake a short three week truck driver training program, resit your commercial drivers license tests and you’re ready to take to the highways again. You may think it’s a bore redoing the training, perhaps even unnecessary. You could be right but we can all use refresher courses occasionally and if you have been out of the cab for five years or more, then you really do need it.

The nation is now going through a period of rebuilding and this is putting a strain on the resources we currently have – including commercial drivers. Working conditions for truck drivers are much better these days and so too is the remuneration packages on offer. What can you offer the industry? A lot! You know the score. You know the highways and you know the routine when it comes to loading and unloading. It may be several years old, but that knowledge still places you ahead of green drivers coming through with no experience.

If you have a yearning to return to the truck driving profession then give us a call. We can discuss your truck driver training options and the quickest path back to a commercial drivers license and employment.

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