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Preparing Heavy Equipment For Winter

The days are getting colder. Winter is quickly approaching. You will want to be preparing your heavy equipment and machinery for the colder weather, so you can prevent damage that can be expensive and time-consuming. Now is the time to plan and get things in order. Here are a few tips for getting your heavy equipment ready for the cold weather that lies ahead.

  • Be sure to condition any and all hydraulic hoses and use the correct lubricants. Make sure your equipment has the right engine, transmission, hydraulic, and final drive lubricants for that specific piece of equipment.
  • Use enclosed storage facilities for your equipment, and be sure fluids are at room temperature. That will make for an easier start for your machine and you will spend less time brushing off all the snow and ice.
  • In most situations, block heaters are best for getting your engine started in cold weather. A block heater will increase the temperature of the hydraulic fluid and the engine. You can block the radiator to speed up the warming up process.
  • Be sure that all batteries are fully charged and that they are warm. When it is cold, it takes twice as many cranking amps for your battery to turn over, so making sure it is charged and warm will make it start much easier and more quickly.
  • Keep starting fluid on hand, be sure it stays at room temperature, and only inject it as the engine is cranking. Be sure to store starting fluids properly and safely as they are highly flammable.
  • You should always run the engine until it reaches the temperature for operation. This can help you avoid sticking of the exhaust and intake.
  • Make sure you keep your tires properly inflated because they lose cold air faster in cold weather. Also, when they are inflated, do so in a heated area for the best results.

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