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Housing Assistance For Heavy Equipment Training Students

There are a lot of factors to consider when undertaking training for a new career. There’s the matter of funding to pay for your training, the loss of income while attending training, and for some students, finding accommodation as well. Fortunately, ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools have thought of these problems and we have solutions to help students overcome them.

When it comes to funding your training, we have some sound advice on this blog (see posts on financial aid here) and on our website. You can even apply for financial assistance online through us. When it comes to loss of income, we have developed our training programs in such a way that students can be trained and ready for employment in the shortest time possible.

Housing assistance is always the difficult option. Do you stay at home and travel each day, or do you try and find accommodation closer to the training school? With gas prices the way they are, travel can be expensive, not to mention a time-hogging option. ATS have resolved that problem as well. For students wishing to train at our Sun Prairie training school, we can arrange finance at the local Water Tower Inn. This is a very comfortable establishment that is only four miles from the training school, and withing easy walking distance of restaurants, grocery stores and shopping centers. We even offer financial assistance to help cover the costs of your accommodation.

With your accommodation taken care of, you can start to concentrate on the more important issues – studying to become a heavy equipment operator – and we’ll be there all the way with you.

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