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Heavy Equipment’s Fastest Growing Career

One of the fastest growing heavy equipment careers is that of a class A truck driver. With the cost of fuel soaring, many businesses are turning away from air freight and resorting once more to road freight.

You would think that even road freight would suffer with higher fuel prices – and it does. However the industry is so competitive that most freight companies are reducing profits rather than hiking prices – price rises are certainly lower than those imposed by airlines. There are other reasons as well- all of which result in a demand for more trucks and with it more drivers.

In the past, many trucks would drive from A to B at only 75% or even less capacity. They are now moving with 100% capacity and there are still insufficient vehicles and qualified drivers to move freight. A career as a class A truck driver can be rewarding. One of the benefits of truck driving is that, once you leave the depot, you are virtually your own boss. You drive the truck and there is certainly no foreman sitting behind you yelling instructions – its you, your truck and the open road.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can provide you with the relevant in class and on road training to help you gain your class A commercial driving license.

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