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Crane Operator Training Really Put To The Test In Winter

Winter can be a demanding time for crane operators, particularly mobile crane operators, and the snow can really test their crane operator training to the limit. Snow, of course, creates many problems. It can create havoc on our roads, although for mobile crane operators it is the snow on the sides of roads that causes more problems.

This time of year seems to give way to strange accidents, no doubt often caused by black ice on our roads. Cars and trucks skid, overturn and wind up in strange places – places where often a tow-truck can’t retrieve them. This is when a mobile crane may be called in to help retrieve the vehicle. Even then it’s not plain sailing since the mobile crane needs to be able to find some firm footings before attempting to lift.

Road accidents are not the only problems caused by snow. Building can start to feel the effects of the weight of snow and often require assistance from cranes. Mobile cranes are called in to support the wall or roof until construction crews resolve the problem. Once again, snow under foot makes life challenging for crane operators and tests their crane operator training and experience.

Having to work under challenging conditions is another reason why national certification has become important. Operators holding a national certificate are able to demonstrate that their skills and knowledge meet a specific national standard. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools conduct accredited crane operator training. We are also accredited to perform assessments and to award crane operator certifications.

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